All full time staff have either their Early Childhood Educator level 1, 2 or 3

All full time staff go to conferences/workshops on a regularly to stay current.

90% staff have their First aid and CPR course

All staff must provide a criminal record check.


We currently have 23 staff

Erica Brick- Director- ECE level 3

Erin Nichols-Assistant Director and Inclusion Coordinator,  Kinder Room Teacher- ECE level 3

Marissa Porter- Toddler Room Teacher- ECE level 3 (Currently on maternity leave) 

Brandi Urzada - Toddler Room Teacher - Currently enrolled in ECE level 1

Terissa Prince - Toddler Room Teacher (maternity coverage) ECE level 2

Shelby Schmidt- Infant Room , ECE level 1

Madyson Wozniczka - Infant Room, ECE level 1 (currently enrolled in ECE level 2)

Wendy Kitz - Crane Room Leader, ECE level 3 

Amanda Jones- Preschool Room Teacher- ECE level 1 (currently enrolled in ECE level 2)

Jennifer Shannacappo - Cook

Wanda Tzupa- Cook Helper

Jordan Laboucane - Floater, ECE level 1

Deb Revet- Floater, ECE level 1

Kathleen Jensen - Inclusion Worker, ECE level 1

Anna Tanchyk - Casual

Kendra Laboucane - Casual

Kadaence Melnyk - Casual

Janelle Zulyniak - Casual 

Hayley Watrych - Casual

Brynn Debnam - Casual

Mackenzie Jones - Cleaner