Churchbridge Daycare is a licensed facility with 80 subsidized childcare spaces! We provide care for Infants (0-18 mths), Toddlers (18-36 months), Preschool (3 years), Pre-Kindergarten (4 yrs) and School Age (5-12 yrs).

The facility is housed in the former Churchbridge Elementary School and consists of 8 spaces (4 classrooms, Lunchroom, Office & 2 Nap rooms) . The facility also houses the Shooting Star Preschool Program. We recently renovated and added a new Kinder/ School-age room to our facility! We also increased our amount of licensed spaces from 65 to 80!

Churchbridge Daycare is conveniently located next to Churchbridge Public School.

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*To encourage development and appreciation for the individual, while learning to be part of a group

*To encourage the child's natural curiosity and broaden all aspects of their development

*To encourage independence and self confidence

*To help the child develop self-regulation

*To provide a consistent and caring environment

*To ensure all children are treated equally and included in every activity

*To promote an atmosphere conductive to positive communication and understanding